Social Media Marketing

With the increment in the number of people using social media, social media marketing is important than ever before. Billions of people use social media, and the number is not going to stop anytime sooner.

Social media marketing in general is the process of creation of content and sharing them on social media networks in order to achieve the estimated marketing and branding goals. It is the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to build a brand, make sales and drive website traffics.

The most effective and powerful social media platforms now are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat. The purpose of all these sites is to connect people and make a social relationship among the users.

Social Media Marketing: Introduction

Social media marketing is a broad term, and it covers any type of marketing strategy that uses social media platforms to advertise, sell or monetize the business and create a brand awareness.

With enormous traffic of almost every niche, social media are the place for both brands and customers to market and buy the products and services in an easy way not having to go door to door to buy or access a product or service.

According to research from the RescueTime, an average person spends at least 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone every day and spends 40 percent of the watch time using social medias. These stats simply elaborate how much time people spend on social media and the number of advertisements they go through in a day.


With unlimited reach and specified targeting features social media marketing stays at the top of social media marketing. Since enormous amount of people interact with social media, you’ll be able to showcase your products to larger audience that you might not have access to through other marketing efforts.

Social media marketing allows a business to reach a global marketplace and helps to create intimate relationship with the customers around the globe. Besides this, social media helps in building a long-term audience and helps in updating new audience with quality content over the passage of time.

Social media platforms and creating content on them are easy to access and no advance knowledge is required unlike websites and other forms of marketing. But as a content creator and marketer it is your job to make sure that the content you feed to your ideal audience is properly researched, ideal and trendy.


Depending on the type of your business and your expectations you should figure out what social media platform you should be using for your business.

We will share a few social media platforms and their relevance for your business to ease the process of selecting a social media platform.


The power of numbers can never be underestimated. With 2.8 billion users and 2 billion people visiting the site daily, Facebook is undoubtedly the gorilla of social media. If you are a aspiring young business than Facebook is the most affordable social media platform to start with.

Facebook encompasses all demographics of users from teens to adults making it more flexible for marketers to market the product and target young and adult audiences. Facebook is “sticky” and people tend to spend a lot of time on the site. More time on Facebook means more opportunity for your business to be found.

The results on Facebook are measurable. You can measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of the Facebook ads you have run across the platform and edit the marketing strategy and budget accordingly.

Still doubt that Facebook is effective marketing tool??


Facebook ads are the most targeted form of advertising. You can sort people by age, interests, behavior, and location. Depending upon the location you are based on and the age group you think is suitable for your product, you can target through Facebook ads.

Another reason why you should be using Facebook ads in your marketing strategy is because they are super affordable and budget friendly. You can set your own budget according to your marketing strategy and still yield a better result.

You can run video ads, carousels or simply photos with some graphics and a suitable caption explaining your business in brief and you are good to go. The interface is quite simple, and you can create ads easily through a Facebook business manager.

According to WordStream, the average cost per click with Facebook is 1.72 dollar whereas it is 2.69 with Google AdWords.

So, it is undeniable that Facebook ads are the most simple, flexible and impactful marketing tool.


Facebook marketplace are effective and instantaneous selling platform across Facebook. Small businesses can showcase their product with good quality images and quality contents, and you can sell without having to spend a single penny on ads.

The only thing to keep in mind is an appealing image and use of keywords and the rest depends upon your selling skills on how you can sell your product. You can sort the reach on marketplace by location and preferred product making it more reliable for the users.

Beside this you can also showcase your products through your page on Facebook shop and make direct sale from it without spending on ads and just by increasing the reach of your page.

Big brands like Nike, Fnatic use the same method to sell their products and merches.


Facebook groups are also an effective sales generating tools within Facebook. You can join few of these groups with impressive engagements and showcase your product or service with quality images and captions.

The reach through Facebook groups is also very high as the number of people on each selling group are more than hundred thousand.

Facebook marketing in Nepal relies too much on Facebook groups and marketplace to sell retail products and secondhand products which includes motorbikes, electronic gadgets and clothes. As they don’t cost a penny and give desired output, they are getting huge popularity among Facebook users across Nepal.


Video Marketing on Facebook allows you to convey message in front of your target audience in a more dynamic and creative way.

There are more than 4 billion video watches on Facebook every day. According to official sources, 500 million viewers watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook daily. That’s equivalent to Forty Five Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Two years(45662) years of video content viewed daily.

Young users spend 75% of their Facebook time watching videos. These statistics doesn’t fail to impress you on why you should be doing video ads for your business.


With Facebooks easy sharing capabilities, its easy for brand to use influencer to create their brand awareness and market their product and offers.

Brands can collaborate with influencers and create unique video contents and publish it through their page. The brand than reaches out to the user influenced by the influencer and the user thus accesses the product and service through which the brand generates sales and brand awareness whereas the influencer gets compensated in money or products as per the collaboration.


Choosing Facebook as the social media platform for your business is the best decision you will make as it is miraculous when it comes to ads and video contents.


With 1.16 billion estimated users and 500 million using Instagram daily, Instagram is undoubtedly the popular social media platform you can start with.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing network which allows users to edit and upload photos. It is one of the most addictive social media networks as the content are so much diversified according to interest on Instagram.

Instagram has the highest average engagement rate over all other social media platforms. Users on Instagram are more responsive to branded content than any other platforms as the user interface of Instagram is designed in such a manner.

Running ads on Instagram for brand awareness is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Like Facebook ads Instagram ads are native in nature, you cannot detect if you are looking to an ad due to Instagram’s user interface and layout.

Instagram ads are vital to reach people outside of the existing following. These ads help to drive potential customers and increase brand awareness in miraculous ways. The targeting options inside Instagram is also another reason behind the popularity of Instagram ads. You can target people based on demographics like age, gender, marital status, interests, behaviors and so on.



If you don’t have so many followers, may be its because you are new to the platform and you don’t show up consistently. There are many ways to organically reach followers with the same interest on Instagram. Hashtags and locations are the few best ways to do it.

For example, you are an aspiring food blogger. You can’t search famous restaurants around you in the locations and engage with other foodies in the same location and eventually increase your follower. If you own a MOMO shop, you can showcase why your momos are unique through an appealing photo or video and post it with a suitable caption, location and hashtags.

This way you will have more possibility of reaching out to a wide variety of people.

Being social and showing up regularly in either stories or posts is the most important rule to increase your followers in social media.


With higher engagement rate on Instagram the hunger for high quality and consistent content on Instagram is extremely necessary. Instagram can bring a huge amount of organic engagement, if you know how to optimize it.

Instagram itself admits that 80% of all Instagram accounts follow a business. Suppose you are a local business and the number of young people using social media is 10000. With the right content and use of location and hashtags, you should be able to turn at least half of them into your ideal followers.

The most important step in increasing engagements is high quality content and the initiative for people to engage. Using call to actions in your posts, asking interesting questions regularly can help your audience engage with your page.

If you own a coffee shop, you can ask coffee related questions on your stories and posts in which people engage through which you can advertise about your business and bring back conversions too.

The type of your content strategy directly helps in your Instagram engagement. So you have to make sure that the content you produce is genuine and relevant with time.


According to Instagram out of 1 billion users 500000 of them are influencers. These data might have changed a bit now but influencer marketing is the most powerful form of marketing on Instagram.

Influencers have huge amount of organic reach on Instagram thanks to its algorithm. By pairing with these you can increase social media engagement across your social media platforms and also generate huge sales through INFLUENCER CODE and get tons of new audiences.

To find potential influencers of your niche, you have to do a detailed research on their engagement and statistics as few influencers might have bot likes and followers. Tools like Ninja Outreach can help in influencer researching and also you can contact different influencer marketing agency to find one for your business.

But most of these influencers have a business email on their bio through which you can directly contact them. Influential relationships can be very lethal in the long run for business and influencers themselves.


Irrespective of the type of company you are, trying out Instagram for business is worthwhile. Having a solid Instagram marketing strategy can skyrocket your sales and brand presence on social media as it can redirect customers through bio and generate tons of sells through Instagram shop.



Twitter currently has 330 million users and is completely different from other social media sites.

Twitter is based upon short-text based posts known as tweets and has a very different culture than other social networks. It emphasizes on interactive communication and sharing of messages. You can run video and photo ads on twitter and allows you to advertise your entire account to audiences who aren’t following you.

You can trend your brand hashtag with a popular challenge to engage your target audience and gather immense attention from users on your brand.

Pinterest has audience of 300 million users and is the first to go platform for creative and unique content ideas. While it doesn’t have as many users as Facebook and Instagram, it still stands out to be one of the most important social media platforms.

If you are planning to bring traffic to your website, pins can help you in the most qualitative way. Also, you can promote pins and can reach beyond your followers list and rank first in search results.

Many people assume Pinterest as a platform like Instagram, but it is more like a search engine. You can search queries in Pinterest, and they will appear in the form of interactive pins with infographics instead of just text which makes Pinterest more user friendly.


LinkedIn is an important network for brands as it helps in networking and growing your business. It can be used to build brand awareness and relationships with consumers. You can post engaging content and participate in industry discussions and can reach potential customers and partners.

You can use email marketing on LinkedIn with the professional’s connections and networks to create conversions with email marketing on LinkedIn. Besides, this you can create vacancies and add creative people to your team through LinkedIn.


TikTok, Snapchat are other platforms you can use in order to grow your business. These platforms focus more on video content as video content give unexpected results when to comes to social media marketing.


Social media marketing is unarguably the best approach for marketing in current time. With so much of audience on social media, there are so many returns you get through social media marketing rather than any other platform.

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